Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Greys Anatomy!

Grey's Anatomy single-underhandedly is the best drama series that I have ever watched. I used to hear my mother talk about taping it as I was growing up but I never got the hang of the series. You cant really get into a series right in the middle. But one day there was a Grey's anatomy marathon that started from the first episode and I recorded every episode and got hooked. One in every five episodes makes me teary eyed. I couldn't believe that something could be this good.Now I am a stickler for actors in general because I took acting classes and I am very critical on movies because of the horrible acting. I feel that a series or movies can fail based on either a corny script or untrained actors but this cast from beginning to end had it all there for me and roped me in from the beginning.

How Does Grey's Anatomy Relate to my Lupus Life? While I watch Grey's Anatomy it directly relates to my struggles in the hospital and at the doctors office. It tells tales of many people going through unfortunate events that they cant control and the doctors that are responsible for their lives. It reminds us of how responsible we are for our actions. My lupus life is directly affected by the actions of my doctor. The show kind of shows a bit of light shining through the horrible misfortune events that take place within the series. Sometimes I may feel like lupus is just a series of unfortunate events that keep getting worse and worse but you cry and then move on. There will be another day tomorrow.

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