Thursday, October 11, 2012

MY! Symptoms Of Lupus

What are the Common Symptoms of Lupus?
Here are a list of common symptoms that are associated with lupus. Hair Loss ,Depression ,Lupus Rash (resemblance to a butterfly) ,Sensitive to UV Light ,Difficulty getting pregnant.
,Kidney Problems ,Heart Problems ,Inflammation of the sac around the heart ( Pain In the left side of the chest),Headaches ,Mild Memory Loss ,Seizure / Stroke ,Swollen Glands, Lymphnodes
,Belly Pain (Caused by lupus or by medicine) ,Vomitting ,Difficulty swallowing ,Coronary artery disease ,Heart valve disease
,Pluritus: Tissue around the lungs becomes inflammed.,Inflammer chest muscle or Rib joint ,Anemie: Body has too few blood cells and the body can not make enough. Or the red blood cells are being destroyed more quickly. ,Fatigue ,Shortness of breath.

Brand New Start

What Is Lupus?Lupus is an Auto Immune disease, when the immune system attacks its tissues causing inflammation swelling, pain & damage. Due to the production of auto antibodies. It is a life long disorder of the immune system. Immune cells attack the bodies healthy tissues leading to inflamation & tissue damage. It also causes damage to the heart and vital organs. 
Why did you start this blog?
My original idea to start this blog emerged in my e-commerce class. But then a light bulb went off that I could use this to my advantage and power something I believe in. This blog is to help the lupus supporter and survivor and to provide helpful links. Along the lines of my lupus fight I found myself hard pressed to find resourceful links and information to guide me to help and to know that I am not alone. I had to do a lot of my own research and I wanted to make it easier for those with lupus to have access to other stories as well as helpful links to nyc foundations and events. Unfortunately there are many organizations who do different things but it makes no sense that we are not all together because "Aren't we all in a fight with a common enemy? " I utilize all of my resources and participate in all of the events I can as well as whatever interests me. Hopefully you will participate in this blog!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Queen TuT's Lupus Awareness Commercial

Queen TuT's Premier Lupus Awareness Commercial

After being placed in the hospital for around two weeks with lung failure, water in the lungs and pneumonia. I was in an extreme amount of pain. All I could do while I was in the hospital was think about all the things that I wanted to do when I got out. I though about all of the plans I made that this had interrupted. Unfortunately your body reawakens you from life's everyday worries and troubles. If you don't have another day to live there is no use making plans. It made me realize that I should do more things for my heart. So I gathered some talented individuals and put together my first Lupus awareness info-mercial to educate viewers and raise money for the first Lupus walk that I participated in. I raise over $700 and this was my creative symphony in video form. 

My heart went into this video to show that sometimes a lot of unfortunate events may happen. At times we try to run away from them or deny them. But when backed into a corner there is nothing else to do but fight. We should fight long, fight hard and persevere. In this video and in my life I'm not only fighting for a cure, Im fighting for the right the ability the life that I live. More importantly my family, friends and my passion need me to push on more than this illness deserves to eat my spirit and my body alive. Every struggle has a voice and every struggle has a purpose. 
-Paige "Queen TuT" Stewart