Thursday, October 11, 2012

MY! Symptoms Of Lupus

What are the Common Symptoms of Lupus?
Here are a list of common symptoms that are associated with lupus. Hair Loss ,Depression ,Lupus Rash (resemblance to a butterfly) ,Sensitive to UV Light ,Difficulty getting pregnant.
,Kidney Problems ,Heart Problems ,Inflammation of the sac around the heart ( Pain In the left side of the chest),Headaches ,Mild Memory Loss ,Seizure / Stroke ,Swollen Glands, Lymphnodes
,Belly Pain (Caused by lupus or by medicine) ,Vomitting ,Difficulty swallowing ,Coronary artery disease ,Heart valve disease
,Pluritus: Tissue around the lungs becomes inflammed.,Inflammer chest muscle or Rib joint ,Anemie: Body has too few blood cells and the body can not make enough. Or the red blood cells are being destroyed more quickly. ,Fatigue ,Shortness of breath.

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