Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Cant Breathe.....

So simply put I have Pleuritis. For those of you who dont know what that is the same as a regular lupus survivor has swollen hands, limbs and organs. The lining around the lung gets swollen. This causes painful diaphram expansion. For example when you laugh, burp, take deep breathes and even sneeze.
What does this mean? For me it makes walking up stairs and just about everything else in life difficult. I am a dancer so people will assume that when I dance and am extremely out of breathe that I am just out of shape but It is equivalent to having a small elephant sitting on your chest in all reality. Sometimes when I have good days I am pretty close to my normal breathing nature. But who has time for normal! Not when you have lupus! Just imagine your normal friday or saturday night out with friends, trying to have a good time laughing your head off and you are stopped from saying a thing due to sharp pains in your chest. Yes that is my reality. But i am optimistic and wont let Lupus steal my breathe away!
Pleuritis Lungs!

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