Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I got that Lupus Kind of Love!

Do Lupites Have to filter their love? Realistically through out my life I have easily met people who would not, could not deal with the fact that I had a chronic illness. Being mindful that of coarse as a teenager growing up I did not just blurt out this information. I am a very private person and I chose specifically who or what I wanted people to know. So finally when I decided to let someone I cared about know that I had a chronic illness it was devastating when they revealed that they did not want to deal with me. For various reasons people would give me the run around and it was either because at a young age young males were not mature enough to handle the emotional stability needed to support someone who had lupus. So that sent me into a very closed tight box where I did not let my hear out. Even those who were not up front at first soon started to float away. Lupites need support and alot of love. Althought I chose even to keep most of my emotions and pain to myself, I always feared that people would reject me and treat me different or even worse with pity! Pity does not pay any of my bills! So i definetly didnt want that!.
What I encourage everyone to know is that not everyone will support you but be thankful for the family and friends who do because they are your back bone. Times may be hard and some people may just not understand the mood swings, being sick all the time or the special attention you may need. But eventually you will find someone special to share these emotions trials and tribulations with. It may seem like a while but that just means that they are getting ready to walk through the door!

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